Who is running this organization?

Moms of young kids! See our About Us page for more details.

Where do you deliver?

We would love to help every foster family in Massachusetts. But the reality is that our storage spots and our volunteers are concentrated in the metro Boston area. We have hubs between Belmont and Medford, so we are consistently able to deliver within the 128 radius and just past it. Unfortunately we cannot commit to delivering as far out as 495 and beyond at this time. If you live outside our main delivery zone, we are happy to have you come pick up your order, or we can work with you to find a meeting point between us. We hope to expand in the future – so volunteer with us!

There are other foster support resources on the north and south shores as well, so if you are closer to those areas, check them out! 

How does scheduling a delivery work?

After we receive an order, we reach out to you with some followup questions. We work out a time to come or a safe place to leave the order if you can’t be home at the time of the delivery.

What type of items can I donate?

We accept clothing and gear for preemie babies through children who are 16 years old.

Due to high demand, we currently need clothing and gear for newborn through elementary school age children. For more details on specific items and quality requirements, please visit the ‘Donating Goods’ section on our How To Help page.

How do you categorize clothing sizes?

We have bins for every size. If a donated item is tagged 10/12 for example, we would send it with a size 10 order so your child can wear it longer.

What do you do with the donated items that can't be distributed?

We truly want children in foster care to feel confident and proud in what they receive from The Foster Box, so please make sure your donated goods meet our quality requirements. Think about whether or not you would give this item to your nephew or your friend’s daughter to use or wear. For donations we receive but can’t distribute, we will attempt to: donate the item to another charity; sell the item, with all proceeds going straight back to The Foster Box (to pay for new clothing and gear, hygiene items, monthly operating costs etc…); or recycle the item.

How can I get more involved with foster care?

Whether you’re single, married, own or rent a home, the need for eligible foster parents is great in Massachusetts. Would you consider linking arms with the foster community by becoming a foster parent or providing respite care to foster families?

Learn more about Massachusetts Foster Care here!