Our Story

In 2016, three moms got together to solve a problem.

One had just become a foster parent and saw a need in that community. As soon as she heard she had a kiddo headed her way, she found herself racing around to family, friends, and stores trying to gather the items she thought the child would need. While she wanted to be focused on preparing her heart and home for the new family member, she instead was stressing about diapers, clothing and car seats.

If she already had a big community supporting her family but was still struggling with this, surely other foster families were also struggling, and possibly having an even harder time. So she gathered a couple friends and they brainstormed. An idea was born: The Foster Box.

It was created to help provide clothes and children’s items to foster families, specifically during that period of transition. What makes TFB different is that we strive to be fast and convenient; our goal is to deliver the Box to the foster family within 72 hours or less. We also continue to support families as the foster children in their home grow into new sizes and stages. And we begin to build relationships with the foster community in the process.

Currently, we have a core group of four volunteers. All of us are moms, and we have 15 kids between us – a mix of bio, adopted and foster. We have a heart for the foster community, so we work to squeeze TFB into our already busy lives.

As we continue to grow, the more volunteers we have, the more communities we can serve, the more families we can help.

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